Heartbleed is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to internet security. Apparently, according to Bloomberg, the NSA has known about the exploit for years and has been using it to extract user’s passwords without the knowledge of the server administrator or the user. Sounds pretty screwed up, doesn’t it?

It’s massively screwed up. The NSA is lying to us. Again. They said that they would report these vulnerabilities to the developers so they would get fixed. Instead, they’re keeping quiet about them, all the while exploiting them for their own gain. It disgusts me that my tax dollars go to fuel this dragnet beast. What gets me the most is the arrogance of the NSA to think that they’re the only ones smarter enough to discover this bug. Russia has their own teams of hackers, and so does China (and their governments are a whole lot less scrupulous than ours). If we can find it, so can they, and their inability to pipe up about it endangers us all.

Unfortunately, the way that ours laws have been written, we basically have no right to known when our informations has been accessed. Should we know? Of course. Are they ever going to tell us? No. Is the federal government going to claim national security need for secrecy like everything else they do? Probably.

Since the whole Snowden fiasco started last year, my online shopping has ground to a halt. Since last June, I’ve even been afraid to use my bank card. Snowden’s documents show us that the NSA collects everything even credit card transactions. Online shopping is a lazy fool’s game. They’re basically forefeitting their privacy for convenience, and I think that that’s a horrible trade to make.