And I’m not the first to say so either.

Of course, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. In his book ‘The World Is Flat‘ he discusses the the topic of globalization. Globalization is the process of the world’s ever increasing level of interconnectedness. He discusses how the internet and computing has fundamentally changed how economics and business work. This is true. Businesses like Walmart, McDonalds, Apple, and UPS would not be able to function without these advances in technology. The internet is flattening the world, evening the playing field for those competing in different countries. This is supposed to be positive. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, right?

Of course, globalization is not all positive. Products that used to be manufactured in the US are now being manufactured abroad, where labor is cheaper. The Europe outsourced to the US, who outsourced to China, who then outsourced to Vietnam and Cambodia. These aren’t the only problems. Outsourcing will result in inferior quality products because they will be produced by people that don’t care about quality or improvement. The people outsourcing the labor can’t even monitor the quality of the products being produced. 63% of companies are using paper based systems to keep track of the products produced overseas. It is called ‘the fog of outsourcing’, where not even the companies that are outsourcing can keep track of the quality of their products. This fact directly contradicts Friedman’s point that technology is flattening the world, and not the endless drive for businesses to lower costs. I would argue that this trend of outsourcing would have happened regardless of the internet revolution. It’s happened before. It’s happened time and time again for centuries.

Thomas Friedman is still a blithering idiot.