The world keeps getting creepier and creepier, right? The Internet sure isn’t helping.

Digital Shadow is a website that connects to your Facebook account. Like Wolfram|Alpha, it analyzes your activity on Facebook. Friends, pictures, posts, vocabulary, and activity are all displayed onto the webpage. To be honest, a lot of the data is information that I didn’t expect to be extracted from my Facebook. People I argue with, people that stalk my profile, the people whose profiles I stalk… I didn’t know that connecting my Facebook page to the website gave them that information.

This is part the advertising campaign for a game made by the French company Ubisoft. Professional data miners, who make billions of dollars mining and selling our information to advertisers and analytics companies, without a doubt have more extensive data. In fact, Facebook probably gives the data directly to these companies. After all, that’s how Facebook makes it’s money. Not advertising, but by selling our data to advertisers so that they can advertise to us.

‘Online privacy’ is dead. There is none. The Terms of Service agreements that we sign waive all the rights we have to our own data. Facebook mines our data, which sells it to companies that analyze it, which then sells it to advertisers that sell ads to companies. All of this data is then collected by the government to hunt dem terrorists.

I’m definitely going to be more careful with my Facebook.